Masters Division

Masters division racing represents a higher level of technical challenge in car construction. The division is open to drivers age 10 through 20 (not to turn 21 during the current race year) and the combined driver and car weight limit is 255 lbs. Although cars can be built from scratch, in conformance with design and construction rules, most racers opt to work with a "Scottie kit." The Scottie kit includes the floorboard, axles, steering and brake mechanism and other hardware necessary for car construction. Unlike the stock and super stock kits, which have a one-piece body shell, the Scottie kit is a multi-piece body shell which is a form for the bodywork. Also, while stock and super stock kits can be assembled in an afternoon, master's cars can take at least 40 hours to construct.

One unique difference between stock, super stock and masters is the driver's position. Stock and super stock drivers crouch forward in the cockpit to reduce wind resistance. Master's racers use a "lean-back" configuration, where the driver is almost reclining and only the helmet, nestled in a cowling, is visible. We do not keep Scottie kits in inventory - racers must purchase the kits directly from the national organization in Akron, OH. Contact the race director for information or assistance in ordering a kit.

Plans and rules for Soap Box racing are available from the national Soap Box Derby Site.