Super Stock Division
  • Slightly Larger for youngsters 9-18
  • Takes Less Than One Day to Build
  • Designed for Youths up to 160 lbs. (240 lbs. combined car and driver, not to turn 19 on or before July 31)

The SUPER STOCK division is for the slightly advanced car builder ready for a new challenge. The car still offers a simple method of construction, but is slightly larger to accomodate youngsters from 9 to 18 years old who weigh up to 160 pounds.

The car is a one-piece plastic shell, with a pre-cut and drilled floorboard, steering and brake assembly and pre-drilled axles. For a classy design, the SUPER STOCK sports axle fairings on the leading edge. Easy-to-follow assembly instructions are included with each car so that construction usually can be completed within one day.

Unlike the STOCK division, where painting of cars is prohibited, the SUPER STOCK car may be painted. Due to the plastic construction of the car's body, special instructions regarding painting are available.

Plans and rules for Soap Box racing are available from the national Soap Box Derby Site.