Stock Division
  • Easy to Build for the First-Time Builder
  • Takes Less Than One Day to Build
  • Designed for Youths Ages 7-13 (200 lbs. combined car and driver, not to turn 14 on or before July 31)

For the first-time Soap Box Derby builder, the STOCK division racer offers a simple method of construction. Everything the youngster needs to build a competitive entry-level car is included in the package: steering and brake hardware, axles, a one-piece plastic body shell, a pre-cut floorboard and easy-to-follow illustrated assembly instructions.

The objective of the STOCK division Soap Box Derby racer is to introduce Derby competition to families who have not previously participated. With adult supervision, a youngster should be able to assemble the STOCK racer within one day.

Once the builder has learned the construction know-how in the STOCK division, he or she will be able to progress easily into the Soap Box Derby's SUPER STOCK and *MASTERS divisions.

Plans and rules for Soap Box racing are available from the national Soap Box Derby Site.