Attention all Thunderfest Vendors!




  • Tuesday, July 3, 2018
  • Wednesday, July 4, 2018 (RAIN DATE)

We are preparing for our Thunderfest Event and already beginning to line up our vendors.

If you would like to secure your spot please contact:


Email: or Phone: 270-320- 4218


Vendors –

It’s time to start planning for Thunderfest 2018! We in the Kiwanis Club really appreciate all of you vendors that make the event more enjoyable for everyone. Every year we try to learn from the year before. We listen to the  feedback you give and take all of your voices into consideration. In doing so we hope to make Thunderfest an event that you, as vendors, have marked in your calendar every year. Things will be a little different in 2018, but overall we think the changes we have made will make the experience better for you, us, and most importantly the patrons.

- This year we will be limiting the number of vendors we will be accepting to NINE (9). This is our hard stop. Under no circumstances will we admit more than 9 vendors. In years past we have had as many as 15 which has become more of a problem than an advantage. The reasons we decided to cut back on vendors this year are as follows:

o Fewer vendors means more money in your pocket at the end of the night. Less competition for patrons’ concessions budget.

o Fewer vendors means more room for each individual vendor to “spread out”. We think this gives you more flexibility for setup and serving. Plus, a little more space cuts down on feeling like the vendors are stacked on top of each other.

o Fewer vendors means less noise from generators (which you should ALL bring).

o Fewer vendors means less strain on the power sources we have available.

o Fewer vendors means less traffic issues packing up and getting out of the venue.

o Fewer vendors means better reaction times for us if there are problems on the line, and more time for oversight in hopes of heading problems off before they arise.

- Everyone will be assigned a spot, which will be clearly marked by a sign with your business’ name on it. The spot will be also be laid out with spray paint to eliminate any confusion. Everyone will have equal space. With one exception, we will NOT be accepting requests concerning special placements. All vendors will be provided with a map ahead of time showing exactly where they will be parked.

- Spots this year will be determined EXCLUSIVELY on a first PAID, first served basis. Postmarks on vendor agreements returned with payment will be used to determine the order. If your payment and vendor agreement comes in first, you get the first spot on the line. The second payment and vendor agreement that comes in will get the second spot, and so on. To eliminate any questions, and for the sake of absolute transparency, we will not be accepting payments that are dropped off in person. In the event of receiving multiple vendor agreements with the same postmark, a coin flip or random number draw will be used. The coin flip or random number draw will be recorded on video and available for the concerned parties to view. If requested, proof of placement (photocopy of the envelopes) will be available. We will also be doing our best not to duplicate items available as much as possible. So please be very specific when you let us know what you are bringing. List your MAIN 3 OR 4 ITEMS and we will do our best not to duplicate. First come, first serve.

- There will be ONE SPOT available away from the line. This will be down in the valley of the amphitheater by our booth, which will be selling drinks. This is prime real estate as you are in the crowd. People will not have to walk up the hill to get to you. You will be there, by yourself, next to a drink station. Pricing for this space will be $150 in addition to the regular fee. Vendors who have been here before and have seen these crowds know that to be money well spent.

- Please do not plan to set up before the time we provide. The schedule will be set specifically to give the Kiwanis Club ample time to get everything situated before your arrival. Any vendors setting up before the time set will be asked to pack everything up, move their equipment, and wait until the stated time. We understand that some people require more time than others, so the window for setting up will be large. We will NOT be accepting requests for special set-up times.

- As in years past, the Kiwanis Club will be responsible for selling all drinks. If part of your business involves selling milkshakes or smoothies - that is acceptable. No other drinks may be sold by any vendor other than Kiwanis. This includes soft drinks, Gatorade, water, lemonade, etc. We will be monitoring this intently.

- Pricing may be the biggest change for this year. Since we decreased the number of vendors significantly, the price to participate has gone up.

There will not be a tiered pricing structure this year – just a flat fee of $550.

If you want the island space down in the crowd, add $150 for a total of $700.

Just as a point of information, we already have a vendor mailing list for this event with nearly 20 names on it, and expect that to increase once the information is posted on the website. This will be competitive.

NOTE: We will not be taking applications after June 15 th.

Postmark dates will be used to determine any date-related questions.

Payment made out to:  Kiwanis Club of Bowling Green, KY

The mailing address is as follows:

Kiwanis Club of Bowling Green, KY

PO Box 13

Bowling Green, KY  42102-0013

- As in past years, the state of Kentucky will require you to file a tax form. We will provide you with the form, but it will be your responsibility to make sure it is properly filed.

- I will be your primary contact and can be reached at:

270-320- 4218 or

Both phone calls and texts are fine.

The Kiwanis Club is very much looking forward to another successful Thunderfest. The community always appreciates this event, and the vendors are a big part of the success. I am personally excited to work with each and every one of you.

We, as a club of volunteers, appreciate your helpfulness in making everything run as smoothly and efficiently as possible this year. If anyone has questions I am always happy to answer them.

Best Regards,

Justin Manship - Thunderfest Vendor Chairman




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